Congressional Briefing: Strengthening Election Cybersecurity


Congressional Briefing:

Strengthening Election Cybersecurity 

Assessing the threat and examining bipartisan solutions

Capitol Visitors Center - SVC 212-10

October 19th – 2:00pm

Light refreshments will be served




To secure the 2018 elections from cyber-threats, federal and state officials must act quickly. Jurisdictions in 14 states need to replace paperless electronic voting machines with systems that produce voter marked paper records, and most states need to create systems for conducting risk-limiting audits to detect and deal with anomalies. Most of the nation’s states and counties still need to harden voting registration system security by creating or strengthening cybersecurity standards.


Thankfully, there’s now strong bipartisan action to safeguard America’s representative form of government. Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced a range of measures to create state-of-the-art security recommendations, establish grant programs for cybersecurity upgrades, help ensure proper audits of elections, limit access to election systems to qualified vendors, secure voter registration logs, create more-secure information sharing about threats, and establish proper standards for transparency. 


This bipartisan briefing will examine the nature of the cybersecurity threat and current proposals for securing voting systems. The panel will feature leading experts on national security, election administration, and computer science. 


Nicole Austin-Hillery

Brennan Center for Justice


Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer (Ret.)

London Center for Policy Research


Professor J. Alex Halderman

University of Michigan


Bruce Fein

Former Associate Deputy Attorney General and Washington Times Columnist


Susan Greenhalgh

Verified Voting


Shane Schoeller

County Clerk, Greene County, MO


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